What's the best way to make an email signature for Office 365?

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I’d like this to be an email signature in Office 365. I created an HTML code for it and sliced it into sections so the email and the website are clickable. When I view it on a browser it looks fine, but when the client uses it on their email it doesn’t view well and has so many issues.

What is the ideal way to generate such a signature for Outlook Office 365? I need your suggestions urgently!

Thank you!

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Is it specifically for Office, or for any email client?
When it comes to HTML in emails, most email clients are way behind modern web browsers when it comes to support and consistency in the HTML and CSS specs.
Usually the safest way to make things appear consistent in email is to pretend it’s still the 90s and arrange things in tables, using only really old CSS properties for styling.
Yes, old-school, bad coding is actually the way to go in this instance.

Thanks for your reply! My client is using office 365 yes. I did use html but they are saying that those receiving the emails are not seeing it properly and are calling to ask for the individual’s phone numbers :sleepy:

This is the code used:

I am a graphic designer and have no experience with CSS or HTML for that matter. Where can I get a template or guidance on how to make something simple for this purpose?

It may be a problem with the image URLs, though I’m not sure. If I put in the address for the first image, I don’t get the image itself, but I’m forwarded to a page which is hosting the image.

What would u suggest I use? where/how should I upload my images?

Post the full html that you are currently using rather than a screenshot of the code.

It’s going to be a matter of trying various things and testing to see what works best. You really need access to the email client that you are testing on because generally it requires running hundreds of tests to find what works best.

If you are doing this professionally then you need to subscribe to a suitable service for this.

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