What's the best way to learn about affiliate marketing?


I recently learned about affiliate marketing and is very interested in this field to generate passive income. However, I was quickly overwhelmed with all the gurus, courses, and coaches out there… So far I narrowed down to a few that I like:

Wealthy Affiliate
Internet Jetset System

Drawing the knowledge of the tribe to see if anyone had any experiences with any of the above courses/gurus. I don’t mind paying for the services if it teaches me something valuable that I can make money from. I’m a complete newbie, please be nice :slight_smile:

Hi haydenbates1990 welcome to the forum

What is it about them that you don’t like that’s causing you to look for concurrence / alternatives?

I have personally checked out both programs, and at the end of the day, to me, there is no comparison. The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Account is by far the best affiliate marketing and online business training program I have ever seen, and I have been doing this along time and have had success, and I still signed up and use their platform, and have found even more success than before. I hope that helps!

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