Whats the best method (apart from CSS3) to create rounded corners?

Hi all,

I know CSS3 is at the stage now where we can use this feature comfortably across all modern browsers, but what else can be done via Javascript/Jquery to create our ever-so beautiful rounded corners ? Im trying to achieve a fairly consistent look “cosmetically” in all my sites going back as far as IE 7…

For example my second site Ive built PAT Tester providing PAT Testing in Birmingham Worcester Bromsgrove Redditch Dudley Worcestershire West Midlands utilises CSS3 and looks ok in the modern browsers, but go back to IE8 and “yuck” its all squared out maaaan…!

Any ideas welcome…(apart from creating sprites/using images as a replacement)

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I always use a script called CurvyCorners. It uses javascript and you can use it just like css and is cross-browser compatible uses no images and works in every single browser!
You can download it for free.

You simply paste the Javascript code and set the corner you want with the radius