Rounded corners

Does anyone know how to make rounded corners?

I’ve tried this way:

but no use! Am i using it in a wrong way?


There are solutions but not worth it in my opinion, if you want it to work in IE I would go the route of using an image as opposed Javascript fixes etc. Personally i just make sure my rounded corners degrade gracefully - take a look at my web design portfolio links at the top. It looks nicer with the rounded corners (as can be seen in FF, Chrome etc but degrades nicely to work in IE even though they are not rounded.

I’m aware, but is there a solution for IE?

Thanks a lot for the link, useful one

I assume your aware that will not show up in IE - take a look here:

Well, in this case i’ll use images to avoid problems with IE!
Thanks a lot mate, that was helpful

No problem, eventually all browsers will support css 3 but then you will still need to code for those who havent updated their browsers…doh!

Yeah you’re right, this is the problem! We still have to care about old browsers while
we are designing and developing our sites!