What's New in WordPress 4.1

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WordPress 4.1, named “Dinah” after the jazz singer Dinah Washington, was officially released today. Here’s a round up of what you can expect with this latest version.

Around seven days ago the WordPress 4.1 Release Candidate became available, this article is based on the information shared in that release candidate. Any last minute changes will be updated as soon as possible.

How Do I Get WordPress 4.1?

For the vast majority of us, we don’t have to do anything! Since WordPress 3.7, minor core updates are applied as automatic background updates by default. You may have received an email telling you this has already happened.

That said, automatic updates can be disabled and something that some developers prefer to do. In this case the update will need to be applied manually by clicking a button. It’s still very easy.

As always, I want to take a minute to remind everyone before applying any updates to your live sites, to make sure that you have a full backup and that you’ve tested theme and plugin compatibility with this latest version. Ideally, you should have a separate environment so you can always test anything that’s important. SitePoint has featured articles on VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants) and Chasis which makes managing local WordPress development and testing environments a breeze.

Introducing the New Twenty Fifteen Theme

WordPress 4.1 will see the release of a new default WordPress theme called Twenty Fifteen. The theme was designed keeping a strong blog focus in mind and makes use of Google’s Noto web font. This font covers over 30 scripts and was developed to work across multiple languages, making it the perfect fit to help take WordPress closer towards the goal of stronger internationalization.

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Good article! It’s nice to see what is new with wordpress. I think it is always good to know what is changing with technology and software. Thanks!

This is a good article. I can’t wait to try it. However, I cannot do that just yet as I am afraid my existing plugins will not be compatible with the new update. The new feature excites me, especially the distraction-free-writing.

Nice and informative article, thanks for sharing so many news in one article

The newest version of WordPress isn’t just a change of number. It comes with improvements in Distraction Free Writing Mode and Image Inline Editing. Plus, you get newer features like easy Vine embedding, plugin recommendations, and logout from everywhere. It also has a brand new theme: Twenty-Fifteen.All the features details are here too: http://www.cloudways.com/blog/wordpress-4-1-dinah-review/

Thanks for sharing useful information…

Hi fahadrafiq,
I just read the details on cloudways.com. What is the benefit of installing multiple “Site languages”? If I interpret this correct, this is for the site language and not the WP admin part right?


This feature will appeal to those who want to setup multilingual WordPress websites.

It also changes the admin panel language as well.

So if I understand correct, for multilingual websites you will be using WPML for example for the front end, and for the admin panel you can use this feature for different members of your team in the admin end?


Okay there are two setups you can do here.
Deploy WordPress multisite, then configure domains or directories like this.

Yourwebsite.com → English
YourWebsite.fr → French

Or if you don’t want to purchase domain, then make directories like
YourWebsite.com/fr → French

The French website will be copy of English one. We can just change the language on .fr domain to French right from the admin settings.

You can manage both the websites from your WP Multisite Admin. Those who want to work on English website can work on that.

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