What's important in a freelance work environment?

Hello! I’m Vasily, co-founder of Workshop55. I am interested in learning about the needs of talented web designers and developers, and what they value in an online work environment. Here are a few points that I believe are important:

Community and collaboration. Groups like this exist because mutual interests can lead to mutual gain. A freelance platform should reflect this by allowing workers to communicate and share ideas with each other—especially when it comes to teaming up on projects.

Equal conversation. Though it’s the employers who give us opportunities to make a living, the “boss versus subordinate” mentality is a bit outdated. We want our clients to trust us, and the best way to achieve this is to (a) impress clients with our work, and (b) have an effective system in which a client can comment on a finished product without completely overthrowing our expertise.

Self-improvement and self-expression. The way we carry ourselves as freelancers is more important than money. For a web service, money is the fuel, not the engine. What powers a career forward is a combination of self-improvement and knowing that, when we improve, employers will notice it and give us more opportunities to express our talents.

In a certain sense, we at Workshop55 believe that the ideal freelance platform more closely resembles a “club” rather than a laboring work environment—a place where professionals like yourselves can interact, find consistent projects, and impress clients with work that you’re passionate about.

What do you think? What’s important to you when it comes to finding projects and building relationships with clients?

Mutual respect is the most important thing.Also the professional mustn’t forget that the customer pays for the project, and his opinion must be valued, and must be also treated with respect, presenting the best scenario, but in the end, the client decides.

Hey Vasily,
Welcome to SP.
By ‘freelance work environment’ do you mean a co-working space?

Hi Hawk,

Yes. I mean co-working space. First of all designed for a client and a worker to meet, come to a mutual agreement and then run tasks and payments in a simple and safe environment.

I totally agree. I was in both camps like manager from Client side and manager from Agency side. But if people respect each other and listen then good things happen. But what I noticed that usually a client keeps adding tasks without extra payment and a worker in return start to make thing with lower quality and time spent… then a dead loop starts…

I believe it can be avoided by at least simple education of a client about the process of work and his/her understanding that without a worker/contractor they can’t do anything.

Communication is the key to online freelance work environment. This applies right from job specification to work completion. At every stage, the client and the freelancer should make sure that the work is progressing on the required lines. Do not assume anything. If in doubt, clarify. This saves a lot of time and disappointment.

But if only the worker has the guts to inform the client that extra work is extra money…