What would cause Javascript to stop working on an entire website?

I went into my wife’s website yesterday to change some pricing around when I noticed that everything relying on Javascript was no longer working. Everything was working fine on Friday, but something changed between then and last night. I’m getting all the messages in my “noscript” sections telling me to enable Javascript, but it IS enabled. I’ve checked it from two different machines and in three different browsers, and I’ve even copied the source code of the page locally to no avail.

Here’s a sampple page: http://www.xpressdanceclasses.com/register/register.cfm

There’s a lot of funky JS in there that was generated by ColdFusion, but I’ve already tried pulling that out on my local copy, and it didn’t help at all.

What on earth could be causing this?

I accidentally figured it out.

I had a typo in the path to jquery. I didn’t expect this to cause all JS on the entire site to stop working, but now that I’ve fixed the typo, everything seems to work.

So, note to self: not having jquery loaded for some reason triggers the noscript stuff to appear. :shifty: