Jquery stopped working on page


I’ve been working on building a site and I was styling a form via css when I realised after I finished that the jquery I’d spent the day working for some reason has stopped functioning.

When I say stopped functioning I mean selectors work, classes applied via css etc work, things are working but transitions via coda slider and jflow plus i’ve put in aren’t coming in for no explicable reason. Atleast to me, its frustrating having spent a bit of time working on these respectively. When I check it in firebug the ‘slides’ change and when I close firebug it switches back in jflow and coda just isn’t working but css styles are being applied. I’m really hoping this is something my end rather than a screw up somewhere, I can’t see what I would of done though just by editing CSS.

The site is http://www.theseednetwork.co.uk


Hi masok88;4805704! Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Which form do you mean?

As a rule, when I’m styling something up, I check and re-check after each step in a range of browsers to avoid finding myself in this situation (of not knowing where the problem started).

Just checked your site and the slides appear to be working.

Coda does have some issues with display some js, I’ve recently had the same thing, change some CSS and coda stops displaying the js effect.


After posting this I did what I should of done earlier and referred back to an earlier saved file, gutted and isolated code bit by bit until I isolated the problem, replaced with the earlier version and updated it step by step. Something called in the header was mucking it up, it could of been a typo but I got it in the end.

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate the prompt replies!