What WooCommerce eCommerce theme and shopping cart do you like?

Hello there!

I want to start eCommerce website WordPress and WooCommerce based but am Looking for a good theme and shopping cart. I heard about Enfold and Flatsome premium themes but I was also told that there is MyThemeShop theme provider. Heard about this one?

Which theme would you recommend among I mentioned and are there others that you would recommend?

What shopping cart do you use? The most popular are PayPal and AmazonPayments. Do these work well for you or you like others you would want to share?

I like the free generatepress wordpress theme and paypal works fine!

@sujata1, exactly what features of this theme do you like?

@TechnicGeek, do you have any particular features that you are looking for in a theme?

Having people just list the names of themes that they like will not be very helpful to you and the thread will deteriorate very quickly into just a list of theme names without any justification or meaningful discussion.


Features… I haven’t given much thought to that but I have a few in mind:

  • Price filtering and other type of filtering like category, subcategory.

If you shopped on Amazon, it offers many filters which I like. It makes easier to narrow down your choice and makes it convenient for shopper.

  • This is something I am wondering if exists - dynamic filtering and pages loading. When filter is applied, a page refresh is required. I am looking for a theme that allows for instant (dynamic) refresh.

  • Shopping cart and payment processors. I knwo that PayPal is most used but I am also considering AmazonPayments. Amazon is a very established brand today and has its recognition extending beyond their online markeplace. Does anyone have experience with their payments? I heard setup is required for AWS etc.

  • Of course eCommerce theme that works with WooCommerce and is SEO optimized.

  • Speed and loading. I heard when you run eCommerce website based on that and WordPress, it’s very important to settle only for the most important plugins due to heavy load this platform places on server. So some integration with cloud network to store media would be good. Maybe some features that allow compression.

  • Security. I heard that serious business owner would consider investing in paid theme rather than buying free theme because paid one is constantly supported when for free there is no priority support if at all and can be stop being supported and updated. However MyThemeShop requires yearly fee of $19 for yearly support and theme updates after theme purchase itself. Their eCommerce theme is what attracted my attention: http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=eCommerce

Do you think $19 per year is a fair price for this theme to get support and upgrades? I haven’t been for website stuff for several years and I remember how 1-time purchase was a thing and nobody wanted to pay subscriptions. Maybe times have changed.

  • Speaking of updates, how bad is it to sit with a theme that you did not update because you opted for 1-time purchase and did not pay for extended support on updates? Depends on theme’s popularity, right? I mean take a best-selling theme like Flatsome and try to opt-out of updates and you will get nasty stuff because I surmise hackers go after themes that are well known.
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  1. This is the first theme where I can choose different footer and sidebar options for different pages. I have never seen this feature in any free theme.

  2. The developer provides awesome support

  3. If you install page builders like siteorigin or visual composer you can create any layout.

  4. Fully compatible with woocommerce.

It is compatible with WooCommerce but it’s not eCommerce store ready. It’s not solely specialized for eCommerce store and it’s something I look for. Are any themes here familiar to you? https://themefurnace.com/blog/free-woocommerce-wordpress-themes/

I do not think that it will be a problem - you might just want to ask the generatepress developer.
And Yes from that link I have tested few themes like - StoreFront, The Optimizer, TopShop and Arcade Basic. What I had found that they are not completely free. Take “The Optimizer” there are many features which are not enabled by default - like front page boxes. You might want to check themeforest for paid themes.

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