What type of developer would I need to hire to do this?

I’m looking to create a page with some fairly simple functionality, but I’m not sure what type of developer I even need…

I want to have an option to upload a photo of yourself, and then an option to overlay something on top of the photo. So let’s say it’s a hairstyle website.

a) you upload a photo of yourself
b) you choose a hairstyle from a list and that style is placed over top of your image.
c) you can scale and move the hairstyle around so that it fits properly

Is this flash?
Any idea on how complex this is?


Sounds pretty standard for a CMS, though I don’t understand what you mean by

Could you clarify that bit?

Hmmm… Okay, I may not have explained well enough.

I don’t want to upload the photo. I want my customers to be able to upload a photo of themselves and then I want them to be able to choose different products from my store (wigs). Once they select a wig, my website will place the wig over top the photo they uploaded.

They can then drag the wig around over the photo, and scale it as if it were in photoshop or fireworks.

The purpose of this webapp or whatever you want to call it will be for customers to see what a particular wig will look like on them.

OK, sounds like a job for a JS programmer. This is a kind of web app.

You’ll want web programmer experienced with HTML5 and CSS3 for sure, and Javascript. For drag-n-drop and resizing, one could use this code, for example:


I agree, this is a Java programmer`s job, along with PHP or whatever language your site is programmed in. Also this job could be done in flash, but just better with Java.


Do you mean JavaScript? Remember that Java and JavaScript are completely different things. (I like the way Paul Wilkinson describes it: “Java is to JavaScript as Ham is to Hamster”.) [/ot]

Don’t use Flash if you can avoid it . . . Adobe dropped support for mobile devices. With all of the smartphones and tablets that are being purchased every day, you’ll quickly have a site that most people won’t be able to see!

HTML5 and CSS3 are probably your best options for the project that you described. It’s hard without knowing more specs, but that’s the direction I would choose.

Its good to use a CMS , where you can update your site as well as images on your website. IF clients want to change image surely he also want to change the content as well. Go for a good CMS like wordpress , joomla. etc.