Beyond Photoshop...How to do it in Fireworks?

Hello everyone!

Finally, I finished studying Photoshop CS4 Standard basics. Thanks God.
I’m a webmaster and web developer using CMS (therefore I don’t need Adobe Dreamweaver).
I want to work as a freelancer web developer/designer to create sites for small companies etc. So my goal is that and NOT to be specifically a designer.
I want to keep it simple and to know an easy and painless way to create a CLICKABLE rollover graphics (JS based)for the web (buttons etc). I’m talking about graphics in headers, articles and banners.
I already know how to create rollovers with JS and it works fine on my web site (with A.Jolie picture).
But to make it manually is somewhat inconvinient and time consuming.
So I want to find a better and quicker way.
I do have also Fireworks CS5.
I know how to create layer comps in PS and I know slicing.
I also use a script to export small graphic files out of a composition
in which I have 2 types of buttons that I created with Styles palette and placed on 2 different states in layer comps window.
I also know how to make URLs with slice options…
The only thing I know about Fireworks is how to create a clickable hotspot in Image Map (without rollovers). Then I save it as .html file, open it in notepad and copy-paste a relevant part of HTML code into my CMS. And without rollovers it actually works on my live site.
But here I have an issue…In order to insert a graphics in site’s header (say, if I use Artisteer) I need to choose a GRAPHIC file, and NOT .html file or a code. It might be a silly question, but without HTML code attached, just a plain regular graphic file , could it be clickable at all?
So I can seriosly learn Fireworks now. But I don’t know if its worth it if my only goal is what I described above.
Could you tell me how it should be done in Fireworks if its simple enough to grasp. If not…what should I do now?

Thanks in advance!

Create two images. One for normal background, other for hover (rollover) background.
Swap them using CSS, not javascript, unless you want some sort of progressive gradual change.
You can do this in ANY image creation program.

To make it clickable, just wrap the image in an <a> tag.

So should I just start learning the basics of Adobe FW to have a better clue of how to create clickable rollovers? If I don’t want to get into Flash at this time AND I don’t know CSS coding either.