What to do when some has copied my content?

We had total of 6 websites. We regularly carry out SEO of these websites. We frequently check through the Copyscape to detect whether some has copied content. We have many times cases being reported of copied content. AS a webmaster what are the steps that we can take to ensure that the content is not copied by anybody. If someone has copied it deliberately what are the actions that we can take??:cool:

There are no steps to take that can prevent them from copying it. None that make sense anyway. When, not if, they do, I just email them and tell, not ask, them to remove it. Most apologize and remove it. Those that dont I email a copy of my copywrite cert I bought and threaten to take legal action . Then they remove it. This is all in the past because I have since given up. If they copy a few sentences or even just order you page I wouldnt worry. But when they steal your entire website you should take action.

[FONT=verdana]It’s true that you can’t stop them copying your content in the first place. But there is plenty you can do to get them to remove the copies - and to discourage them from doing it again in the future.

The following article* gives step-by-step guidance for dealing with the issue:

Dealing with copyright infringements of your web page or blog

I’ve had a about a 50% success rate by following these steps, which I think is quite satisfactory.


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Here is what I say in my copyright…

The entire contents of YourName’s website is protected under Copyright © 2002 - 2013. Duplicate and/or copied material is actively sought and will be diligently and persistently removed if found anywhere other than within the confines of this domain.

However it doesn’t seem to persuade to many. I even put that notice in a no right click script for a few years. That seemed to make them want it more. I have since remove the script.

Another site took 20 pages of my top heading short poems that my wife and painstankenly came up with and and used it on their site word for word in the same fashion. I contacted google using their report web forgery link. They responded and said they removed 1 page of 20 from their search. Thanks for nothing. That was my last straw. I haven’t copy’s caped since. When I do it just pisses me off.


Don’t give up so easily. There are several things you can do to get the offending copies removed, as my article explained. You won’t get a 100% success rate, but, if you go about it in the right way, you will succeed most of the time, and that’s better than nothing.


You havent seen my many rants then I take it. Oh no I know I can get them to remove it by a simple phone call and a nice threat. But I give up for now because 100 people a year copie my content word for word. I just dont have the energy to deal with those numbers.

The best way is to make your site offline ( you only can access the site ).
If you go online there is no way to prevent “stolen content”.
Also you should be proud: you don’t steal something that is worthless.

Work out how much time they cost you on tracking down the stolen content and send each of them a bill for that amount for the use of your content. Then if one of them actually pays to display your content with your permission then you have been paid for the time it took. They will also be more likely to take the content down if you have put a monetary value on their being allowed to keep using it.

Also with reporting stolen content to Google you should submit each page separately. If you submit multiple pages in one request then they will only look at the first one.

I agree that just chasing to tell people in breach that they’re abusing copyright is a waste of time. They don’t care and most have done it deliberately and willingly. Good content speaks for itself and those wanting to know more will track down the author.

Spend your time on creating more valuable content than worrying about others stealing it. Determined stealers will find a way to get what they want.

Good idea by Felgal to bill for content in breech.

You can fill a DMCA request for them to take them out.

Most people copying your content are trying to get rankings fromn google, so, if google penalizes them for your having your content, they are better removing it.
Also, you can contact their hosting provider, who is obliged to contact them to remove the content or risk the site being suspended.