What to charge per item added to online store?

I have a client that has an active working site and needs me to add appx 600 new items to their shopping cart. I am looking for suggestions on a cost per item to charge for this service? For the images I expect to only re-size them so it’s a pretty straight forward project. All suggestions appreciated.

-Thank you

If you’re looking at it strictly as a data processing service rather than merchandising or any sort of strategy (which IMO is what any store adding 600 products really needs) then you’d simply estimate the time per SKU, divide into your hourly rate, multiple by 600 and pad for any changes or other impact.

If you charge $10 an hour that’s going to be a lot different than if you charge $150 as will if it takes you 5 minutes each and someone else 15 so how much anyone else would estimate in bottom line dollars is really irrelevant.