Criteria to Assess Charges for Online Store

It looks very good for me to land my first online store client; but I am not sure how to assess what to charge? Can someone please help me with a criteria … is it by the number of categories and/or items per category? … Or … ?


Typically I’d stay away from doing that - unless there is a high amount of items - in which case you’ll want to factor that in yes definitely.

I’d say X for base design & development
X for each product…

And itemize it that way.

Thanks for your response, Paul!

The client has a factory in another country; I’m not sure all of what they manufacture yet … But for instance:

Scenario 1.
Let’s say they manufacture bikes - 10 types. Then each type has a boy and girl model; but the boy models number 10 variations with six colors each. The girls’ models number 5 variations; but each of the 5 variations have 10 colors each.

Scenario 2.
They manufacture 100 different promotional items and each has at least two variations each in color and dimensions (small, large).

Then, Paul, would you consider the 10 types in Scenario 1 to be 10 products and disregard the variations in color, gender, etc. … then Scenario 2 would be considered 100 products, etc. What would be your price range per product (regardless of the scenario)? … say $100 to $200?

OR if you charged for a database, etc. how would you charge … per table and/or generated reports … and what price range would you use?

Lastly, have you used a shopping cart … if so, which and what did you like about it?

You could cost it per unique entry (in blocks) or by time taken I assume you have a basic idea of what they already manufacture; or at least find that out first before you finalise the system you will use to charge.