What theme is this?

Actually I’m not 100% sure that this is a WP site, though it looks like one.

Would anyone have an idea of what theme is used to build velummedia.com? I need something like this for a single-page corporate site that can be used to list multiple sites, and this seems to fit the bill, at least for the home page.


Checking under the hood, I’d say this is not a WP site. None of the telltale signs are there. Looks like a custom design to me. I recommend you steer away from pre-fab templates and get a template made up that is truly based around your content.

That said, there are thousands of WP templates out there—though I’d avoid WP if this is just a one page site.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I just need a simple one page site to neatly display the logos of the multiple sites I have, without any hassle, as my time is completely taken with the main sites. This looked as good as any to me, though perhaps WP is overkill for this purpose anyways.

Yes, definitely WP is overkill for this purpose. If you find a design you like, it’s easy to do something similar, and probably with far less code than is usually packed into a WP theme.