What stage do you start copywriting?

Hi there,

I am in the process of designing and developing a fairly large project and will be needed some copy written for the various sections and pages.

What stage would you say is best to have the copy written? Should it be once all design is done, before design, after all pages are coded etc?

Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

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Are you doing the copy writing and website design yourself?

I am doing the design myself, but my copywriting skills are not the best so was thinking of outsourcing it to a professional.

Then it doesn’t matter which is worked on first. If both are worked on at the same time, then, assuming the copy writing is up to your standards, it’ll be finished faster than if you waited until the site was done first.

I always start with the actual content. If I don’t know what the site will contain, how can I ensure the design best fits the content and is easy to use?


This scenario happens often … Client sends photoshop mock up with a little coloured box that says “Lorem Ipsum” and then underneath a matching image matching the size of the box and then a one word caption on the bottom.

Client rings up after site is delivered and said “I added a town name into the little box and it broke the layout”. I said what did you add?

He said" Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch". :slight_smile:

Moral of the story “Always test with as close to real content as possible and real data in its extreme form.” It’s only then you can test the robustness of your code. :wink:



Try saying that after the office Christmas party!


EVERYTHING sounds like that after the office party!


I have a close friend who have been working in copywriting niche for 6 years, and he states that the best stage to write text is when the design is done: it lets him understand the outline of the future page and create the text that’ll look and osund well.

In traditional graphic design the content should inform the design. Otherwise you are just creating box to place content which will be static lacking unity with the whole. The most important aspect of design the communication. The communication should be reinforced by design. The design can’t be reinforced by the communication without content to begin with.

form follows function