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I used to be a developer for 10 years. Visual Basic, VB.Net, SQL Server. I’ve been out of it now for nearly 10 years and thinking of getting back into it. I’ve been looking at Python 3 and then I read that Python 3 is killing Python.

Jobs seem to want you to learn about 5 different things e.g HTML,CSS,NodeJS, Javascript. / Python, DJango and the list goes on.

What would you learn now and what are the chances of landing a job if you have no actual experience.

Thanks in advance

In my opinion, developer should do his best to be platform independent as much as possible.
If we work only on specific framework, we may start depending on it completely.
I am a web developer for last 12 years (HTML, CSS, PHP/MySQL, XML,JS/Jquery etc) but now i also work on python and android applications too, so i think i can say i am not depending on particular language, the most important thing is your logic building, and the problem solving sense.
No one can guarantee you job, its all upto your luck and your hardwork.
I keep learning programming because i believe that programming never ends.
recently i also started a youtube channel to share solutions with my mates.

So i suggest you, keep learning and share with other, when you share knowledge with other you earn more knowledge i experienced it myself :slight_smile:
Good Luck

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Jobs seem to want you to learn about 5 different thing

Effectively building sites and web apps takes a variety of technologies if you’re a full stack developer. That all sounds perfectly normal. HTML/CSS/JS you’ll need, then if you want to build modern systems you need to understand Node.js. Then the rest is pretty much dependent on the job. You’ll need something for the backend language, a database, a server, and a probably CI/CD pipeline.

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