What role can mobile technology play in the future of money?

Hello again!

So in the mobile channels last newsletter (view it here), my editorial covered my thoughts on the future of money and payments. I have just returned from Tech Crunch Disrupt (expect a write up very soon) where one of the major trends was financial technology, or ‘FinTech’ as it seems to be being termed.

So as a developer forum I would love to get some ideas and insiprations about:

  • The major issues you see with current financial technology, feel free to count in this anything that currently exists
  • What you would like to see replace and supersede what we currently have
  • The sorts of models you could see replacing what we have
  • What would you build if you could and why?

Over the next few months we will be publishing a few articles from those working in this space, but I would like to get as many thoughts as possible. This is a space that is due for widespread disruption very soon.

Where can I find your articles?)

The article is linked in the post.
You can find more Mobile Articles on the main Sitepoint site.

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