What resolutions do you take into account when designing?

I am interested to hear what others do. For some years now I have been designing sites at approx 960px, unless it is a variable width site. I was looking at the latest browser stats on the W3 schools site and notice that the percentages are slowly shifting towards higher and higher resolutions, but also aspect ratios are changing, leading to wider screens being much commoner.

I am designing a site with a largeish photo on the home page, as a brochure/gallery site and the necessary image proportions mean that the bottom of the site does not show at 1024/768. Obviously I want the site to be as accessible as possible to the largest number and am thinking about changing the dimensions down from 960px wide to something lower, as this is the only way I can get the height of the image smaller, however I do not want the site to look really small on higher resolutions… Anyway, it got me wondering about about what others do and how you take the latest resolutions into account.

We’ve already got a huge ‘sticky’ thread on this, which has been going for 4 years! Have a look at The definitive FAQ on screen resolution, and feel free to add any comments or questions to that thread – so that we can keep all the discussion in one place, I’m going to close this thread.