What kind of blogs do u want to read most?

I generally read blogs created around the topics like seo, blogging, search marketing and social media to get more knowledge about these niches

web design trends, seo, and entertainment

Yes, but ad space at such a blog would be much cheaper than at another more business oriented.

Weird stuff this blog reading… I believed no one would read them, at least I don’t read blogs because they seem not trusty. I usual use big sites with a large credibility rate.

Here’s my real life example:

Back in 2007 I heard about this John Chow guy (which many people in this field now know) and when I saw he was making money by talking about internet marketing etc. I thought I could too since I already had experience building websites etc.

Turns out I wasted a ton of time and wasn’t ever able to build a following. I stopped blogging on that blog and focused my efforts on earning enough monthly income so that I could quit my job.

I was fortunate enough to try some markets out that I was able to quit my job in October 2009 (well I was fired… but the story is too long). By this time I was already earning the same money as my day job income so I decided F it. I’ll just go at it alone.

Later I decided that perhaps I could pick up my old blog again since now I actually knew a lot about the subject matter and still enjoy discussing it. With that backstory in tow I relaunched my blog which you could see via the link in my sig below.

The point is that like others have said before - if you don’t have a unique story, angle or approach to your blog then who cares about what you have to say? You’re just another blog taking up space.

I read forex trading blogs to see how other traders read the market.

As I am SEO so like reading the latest blogs about the SEO’S…