What is this called?

How does apple get seven links in their Google listing?
What is the term for this and it is easily achieved?

The term is Sitelinks, and at the moment, there’s very little you can do to influence whether or not Google displays any for your site.

Oh c’mon, there’s got to be a formula… If I structure my sitemap like Apple or other websites that sitelinks, it should work, right?

You can try. :slight_smile: I have a number of small sites, all with simple structure (and none bearing the least resemblance to Apple ;)). One of them generally appears with sitelinks, while I’ve never seen them for any of the other sites.

If there was a formula, then everyone would have applied it by now, and so every site would show up in search results with the site links, and so the whole thing would be devalued.

Just accept that there isn’t a formula. Or, rather, if there is a formula, Google are not about to tell the world what it is.