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Hi what would I have to do to get my website to look like this on a search engine?

Because at the moment my site is just showing the title, url and little excerpt.
What area do I have learn to create something like this for my site?

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It is called “sitelinks”. And yes, you can. If the links are interesting enough, that is.

Here you have a bit of info


Basically, structure your site well, and then … wait. Once your site has some longevity and credibility in google’s eyes, those links will start to appear.

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… or not.

(From the link above.)

Of course you need to be the first result on the SERP.

This is incorrect. Although it is rare that more than one returned search result will have sitelinks, I have seen it a few times.

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Never saw a website with sitelinks beside the first on the page. and even if you saw a few, it’s one in 10,000.

How did you arrive at that statistic given your previous statement:-

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Seriously? I just chose a big number, one in a Million, is that ok? a Billion, better?

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Website with sitelinks and organically is possible only with Website Structure

You need to build website schema and structure in order to be noticed by Google. Only then Google will show your website like this but this will happen if your website reaches number 1 spot.

Don’t worry those works would be done by google itself, to get this make your website authoritive.

As the OP has never returned to this topic, and it seems to be getting repetitive, I think it’s time to close the thread.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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