What is the use of providing description for an image in seo

Hello friends what is the use of providing description for a image while do image optimization, if we are not provide any description for particular image what will happens, please explain me.


If you don’t provide a description, and it isn’t clear from the surrounding text, then search engines won’t know what the image is a picture of, so they won’t be able to do anything with it.

It is very much important to provide description for an image in seo because it tells about that picture of what is it. If we will won’t give any description or title of any image then it will be difficult to understand for both crawler and user, because crawler will also won’t understand that what is it image or what and for user he will won’t understood about that what is this picture and what is it saying or trying to explain it?

So description is very necessary for image in SEO.

Best practice of optimizing image is alt tag which should be proper, image file must be less so that it does not take so much time to load and its file name should be proper. Image captions are important as they are the most readable thing written below the image and describes the image in best way that’s why it must be quite descriptive and understandable.

it is very important to describe image as in description you can add the things so that search engine will recognize what image is about…else it wont recognize your image and will not perform in the way you want it to perform…


I don’t think the rank would affect by the image description rather than by the text itself …

Focusing on text and the keyword would be great for SEO

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Its very simple. Crawlers cant see the image you have posted. It is the text that you put with it makes it visible for the crawlers. So it is very important to put relevant text according to your keywords and its combination with your image like alt tag so that the crawler gets to know what it is all about. Image without text is just nothing for it.

The alt=“…” attribute for an image is also for accessibility: visitors who can’t see the image then know what it is about (especially if it is a link). The same in case the image might be not found: then the alt text is visible instead.

Attention: Internet Explorer again

  • IE (anyway the older versions) has the habit to show the content of the alt=“…” as a tooltip in case you hover over the image. That is not the intention of the alt (“alt”= alternative for a no-show of the image).
  • But in case of an alt in combination with a title attibute, the title attribute is always winning the tooltip (therefore the title attribute is).
  • So to avoid a needless tooltip in IE for screen visitors, you can add an empty title=“” attribute. - It doesn’t harm other browsers. :slight_smile:

Exactly, title and description are very much important to an image in SEO. Because that’s the only thing you describing about your site. And the crawlers or viewers are tempted to read upon.

if a site visitor does not see your image for some reason (for example he turned of his images in the browser, which is often the case in mobile browsing because of the speed and bandwith limitations), instead of the image he will see your alt text, so that’s quite important especially if the image has a link. And ofcourse, as others have mentioned it’s important for SEO, so that crawlers would understand your images better.

I’d say that all has been said, and more than once.
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