Image optimisation for google images

How can i optimase images from my website for google images?
How to put keywords?

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Google just grabs copies of all images it finds on the web. I’m not sure how it categorizes them—but I’m sure they use as much info as they can find, such as file name, alt text and perhaps title text as well. If you have a link around the image, the title of the link—and perhaps the link text—will probably be taken into account as well. Whether or not captions and other associated text has an influence or not I’m not sure. In my experience, I suspect it does, but I’m just guessing.

when you put images on your site , then put the keyword in the ’ alt ’ tag .

Maybe stupid question for you , but how to put keyword in alt tag?


Image optimization involves using the “Alt” attribute when adding images to your site.Basically Google Crawlers cannot read images, so you add the “Alt” attribute to tell these crawlers what it is.

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No you add the alt attribute to tell human visitors what the image is, if they are unable to view it, for whatever reason. This could be because they are a blind visitor using assistive technology, somebody using a text-only browser or because the image has failed to download for some reason. Yes, the search engines can also read and make use of this text, but that is not its main purpose.

Actually we use alt tag not to place keywords basically but our try to place here most appropriate description about image.So you should do some homework before to place keyword in alt tag.Try to place targeted keywords which define well that image.Thats it!

A few tips for optimizing your website with images,

  1. Optimize Alt tags properly
  2. Work on your page loading speed
  3. Add an image Sitemap to your website

Alt text explain about the image search engine can not read images they read only text, so when you insert image any webpage you should use Alt attribute it will very helpful to seo point of view.

If I understand the OP’s question correctly, it related to getting the images of one’s site listed on the Google Images pages. (I may be wrong, but that’s how I read the question.) I’ve seen images from my sites listed in Google Image searches—even ones that didn’t have alt text on my pages (being just for decoration). So it must be more than alt text that helps Google categorize images in its Images searches. Perhaps the page title/headings/content plays a part too. (I’m just surmising.)

Stomme Poes posted this in another thread, which I found helpful:

Yes, that makes sense. Thanks TB. Google does cough up some weird results … which isn’t surprising, given the circumstances.

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I don’t have much actual experience with optimising images but if I were going to do it I’d make sure the keyword phrase I was targeting was in the file name, in the Alt Desc and in the Title too, and around the image and on a page about that subject that hopefully has backlinks from other site about that subject.

I can’t see why site Authority, so important for actual pages, wouldn’t also matter for images. Might have a play with this.

Just don’t forget to provide an alternative text to every images that you are posting online. So that Google will consider that image and categories it as what particularly the image has to bring to the viewers. It has nothing to do with submission, a smile doing may cause something in images.