What is the maximum length of md5

What is the maximum length of md5?

Let say I want to md5 (11111) 5 characters, it has 16 charccters (64cfb65039a793cf), and I found out that if I md5 more characters, the more md5ed characters I will get.

Then, my question is that…do you think there is an maximum length of md5-ed characters?

Thanks in advance.

you’re talking about what md5() returns? something’s not right then. md5() should always return a 32 character hash.

echo md5('anything you want');

and you should always get 32 characters, no matter what length of text you pass as a parameter. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I wrongly saw the password function of Mysql.

If md5 return 32 charcters,

how about password function in MySQL? Does it depends on the length of not yet "password-ed’ charcaters’ length?

I experienced it does, so does it have maximum length? or just depends on the length of not yet "password-ed’ charcaters?

I need to make my length of fields (in mySQL database) to handle this.

sorry, can’t answer that. :slight_smile: i don’t use PASSWORD() in MySQL because md5() is more of a standard function that i can use in MySQL or PHP. and since it returns 32 chars, i just store it in a CHAR(32) column. :slight_smile:

anyone know about PASSWORD()?

Thanks DR_LaRRY_PEpPeR,

I think I need to change all my password field to char(32) and user md5 instead.


password() is 16 chars

Thanks for information.

I found that mysql quite strange because I tried to set my password field to char(32) and it automatically change mine back to varchar(32) which initially is varchar(18) when I use the password() from Mysql.