What is the importance of alt tags in SEO?

Hi friends, i am new to seo can any one tell me about the importance of alt tags in SEO

Search engine spiders can’t read the text in images. To understand what an image is about, it relies on ALT tags. the importance of the ALT tag lies in its ability to help boost your web page rank and if you choose to have images indexed, increase your exposure through image search.

Sorry, but this is far too vague a question, and as you can see from the answers you’ve received, a simple search would have sufficed to answer the question. Please search (both the forums and via your favorite search engine), and if you’ve still got SPECIFIC questions, please feel free to repost.

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Footnote: there is no such thing as an “alt tag”. So if you do get around to some googling, search for “alt attribute”. :slight_smile: