The Importance of Alt Tag

Can someone give me a hint on what is the importance of this Alt Tag?

It helps people know what an image is about in case for whatever reason they are not able to see the image. It is also picked up by search engines but I am unable to tell you the impact this will have in your SEO. Potentially if they are good descriptions it will help but maybe not considerably.

As @Andres_Vaquero says, the main purpose of alt text is to provide a text alternative for those unable to view the images, whether because of visual impairment, because the image failed to load or whatever. Therefore, alt text should be written with human visitors in mind.

However, well-written alt text can also help search engines:

Google crawler doesn’t scan images.
By using Alt Tag , crawler scans the images from the websites and index it.
Alt Tag is mandatory for getting rank in SERP…

Hardly. There are plenty of sites which don’t use it correctly and still rank OK. Images which are purely decorative and convey no meaning should have null alt text (alt=“”) - or better still, be inserted using CSS.

Correctly done, alt text (note that it is an attribute, not a tag) can be helpful to SEO, as already mentioned. It should never be used for keyword stuffing, as some SEO “experts” advocate.

This is really a helpful video. I now do understand the meaning of this what I think is, is it done by website developer? Because I’m honest enough to tell this that I do not have any idea on website developing. But I do understand now how alt tags/text works. thanks!:slight_smile:

It should be, yes. As explained already, the alt text is important for human visitors to the site, so should be created as part of the site content.

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