What Is The Best Link To Use

Hi, i have designed and developed close to 100 websites now and i am trying to find out what is the best link to add at the bottom of each of my clients site, suc as “Design & Developed by Company Name”

I have seen a lot of web development companies add seo keywords to their clients sites and then link to their web development company site, such as “SEO & Web Design Ireland” and then link this to the web development company site.

What in your view is the best method to utilise on your clients, thanks in advance…

I would switch up your anchor text so it is not the same on every site. It is debatable how much the search engines are valuing these footer links these days and if they all have the same format and anchor text the chances of the search engines devaluing them increases.

I do not work with any designers who expect a link.

Given the ‘unnatural links’ penalty, not sure why you would want one anyway!

The other thing is that it’s all very well optimising your site for one particular word, but you can’t force people searching Google to always use that word! A fair proportion of them will use other words, so you want your site to register for all relevant words and not just one or two.

As much as anything, it’s a good marketing technique. If someone is considering having a website written and they come across a site that they really like … if it’s got a “Designed by xxxx” link then they can get in touch and give you some business … if there’s no link then they almost certainly won’t try to track you down.

Would it hurt if you’re going to use your company’s name on the footer link?

About the keyword variation, since the unnatural link building was mentioned, if you really want to get around that, then Stevie D’s advice would be the best one that you have to take: consider ALL of the related keywords.

Its called anchor text. Well, that would depend on the keyword you would want to rank for. If, for instance your company is a web design company, you could possibly use the anchor text: “Leading Web Design Company”. Make sure you use the anchor text relevant to your site and primary keyword of your site. Hope this helps you.


Pick 5 anchor texts which you want to target and link to your site. Whenever you make another site for a client, switch them up. I would always use my number 1 anchor most, about 40% of the time.

For me, I don’t support this ideal . The more links you get by this not sure the more good result you reveive. The problem is quality of links

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