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I am confused about footer links. Can any one suggest me is it good to take back links from our clients website that we have designed. All our clients websites are hosted on same server.

Thanks in advance.

The answer is NO, if you want quality backlinks you will need them from external hosts, and preferable from high ranked pages and related to your services.

For a SEO perspective you will get small value with links like that. But as a marketing perspective it could help get new clients. People could see your tag at the bottom of a site you’ve done. It works like a recommendation.

links at footer always work, cos user gazing at footer might want to open your site.

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Funnily enough, this applied to the company I work for this week. We’re running a small email marketing campaign for one of our clients to ~500 email addresses. They’re known addresses and know of our client so are warm leads, even so… from that two of them went onto our client’s site, found our logo in the footer and we got jobs from them. One, an email marketing campaign, and one a website! Both of them had also contacted our existing client about us and got a recommendation. It costs nothing, and providing your client is happy for your logo to be on their site, if you get a single job out of it, it’s worthwhile.