What is online marketing?

I want to know how i can successful in online marketing

If you don’t know what online marketing is, what leads leads you to believe you want to be successful in it?

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No offense, but if you want to get into successful online marketing you’ll need to know how to construct sentences a lot better.

i.e. your first step - take a class or three in English

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Well first of all you plz correct the spelling for “Online” for this thread. Online marketing has many aspects like SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Display advertising, Affiliate Marketing and so on. For this you have to learn about basics of Internet marketing, try to follow what search engines have guidelines about ranking, contact the senior in the similar field and implement the learnt skill in your blog or website as practice. You will find out what to do or not.

Try to follow some good website like SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineWatch and more on the web.

Online marketing states to a set of powerful tools and practices which are used to promote your business over the Internet. Through doing online marketing you can expand your business to not just only your existing region and also all over the world.

@kzaman: I’m puzzled. Your profile says

I am expert in seo, smm etc.

I find it hard to believe such an expert requires answers to such a basic question. Please explain your question in more detail, or the topic will be closed as a “fluff” question.


Topic closed, as the OP seems to have lost interest.