What is future scope of PHP developer

What is future scope for PHP developer.

That’s a very wide-ranging question as posted, I think you need to go into a bit more detail about what you’re asking if you want to stimulate discussion.

Or, if “Future Scope” is a product name, please ignore my comment.

Assuming you are asking if there is any future for PHP developers, then the answer is clearly yes.

What kind of future, depends on your skill level. This is the main obstacle with PHP, everyone and their grandmother claims to know how to program in the language (Exaggerated on purpose).

This will not change, and even more “developers” will come forward trying to claim a job. If this is a problem or not, depends on what you bring to the table. This include theory and architecture, today it is not enough to know PHP if you want a well paid job. You are expected to know how to create the code that is race condition proof, is able to scale, etc. (simplicity put).

If you know the latter, getting a job in the industry is easy.


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