Programming for future career = bad idea?

I work in sales for a big vendor in Australia, pays well and close to home but Id like to learn a skill that is both portable and somewhat futureproof. My effective life as a salesperson is limited to maybe another 15 years so need to skill up in something…

For me learning programming (say PHP/SQL) in a structured fashion makes some sense. Im good at maths and science. I have an interest in the web (I know HTML and CSS) and a couple of affiliate sites that do OK so getting some technical skills to build my own sites is also a bit of a no brainer.

However - I see some risks of going down this path based on research i have done on the web.


  • Heaps of low cost poor quality coders, predominantly O/S based - especially for php
  • Alot of younger people here want to start their own “facebook” and want to follow a similar career path, ignoring trades and other services jobs
  • Php may have a limited shelf life?
  • The web is getting somewhat mature in terms of idea exploration and competition building new sites is intense.

What are peoples thoughts in relation to learning php with a goal of mobility and job security? Is it a means to an end?

If Im going to invest 1000+ hours into learning it then I want to see my goals met, ie: work from anywhere, career stability, work on my own projects etc etc. Someone suggested I do law but Im hopeless at writing essays:)

What does everyone think?

Cheers, Tubs

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