What is Digital Marketing This Year 2015?

What is Digital Marketing This Year 2015? is any body known or planned?

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Your question is rather unclear. You can easily find out what Digital Marketing is with a quick search:

Did you intend to ask, rather, which techniques people currently consider to be most relevant? Please explain more clearly what you are asking, so tht we can provide more useful replies.

The question is vague - I’d like to know if you’re talking about the upcoming trends, strategies, or “digital marketing’s definition”.

Looking forward to discuss with you further!

Content marketing, Anchor tag optimization, Daily promotions , Quality inbound links to the site are the most important in 2015 digital marketing strategies…

I’m interested to know what you mean by “Anchor tag optimization”, @Rgb_Dzine.

I think digital marketing is the trend which all companies should use nowadays.

Video and Image-Based Marketing
content marketing
Mobile Marketing
Online Advertising
Social Media

Anchor tag optimization is nothing but, we have to give the our webpage link with title by using hyperlink, need place most targeted keywords as titles for the urls…

That sounds very like one of the things Google cautions against as something which may adversely affect your ranking:

Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.

Digital Marketing is the combination of Attractive and user friendly Website design & Online Marketing.

Website design

  1. Unique & natural content for pages
  2. Breadcrumb navigation
  3. Site structure like easy to Understand
  4. Semantic Keywords

Online Marketing

  1. Content marketing like Web 2.0 , Doc Sharing , Video Promotion, Info graphic Submission
  2. Most of companies in 2015 doing Social Media Marketing
  3. PPC

These are the 2015 Digital Marketing trends which most of the companies are following nowadays.

Digital marketing is also known as Online marketing where you can promote your sites or products or brands or services through online. It includes SEO, SEM, Content marketing etc.

Digital marketing is a term that combines targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing. As I understand, we should speak about top 2015 marketing platforms, that are helping us to solve the tasks in this sphere. My top -
(PPC) - Google AdWords
display marketing (exit intent) - Picreel
e-mail direct marketing - MailChimp
e-commerce marketing - Shopify
SMM - Facebook
website analytics - Kissmetrics
SEO analytics - MOZ

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