What is an Internet Protocol?

What is meant by Internet Protocol?

Please do some research yourself before asking such generic questions. Or if you already did, but don’t understand the explanations you found, then say so in your post, and tell us what is not clear to you.

internet protocol is a set of rules that internet follow during the processing and work according to rule.

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IP stands for internet protocol.It is a fascinating product in the modern computer technology to allow one computer to communicate with another via internet.It can be static or dynamic. Everybody using the IP address for search something through internet. Internet protocol is used everywhere means business, education etc.

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I wouldn’t say that this is very correct.

A protocol is a set of rules. I do agree that IP allows one computer to communicate to another via internet. Now, it can’t be static or dynamic… The IP address, yes, but not the protocol itself.

The Internet Protocol is the process or special set of rules by which data is sent from one central processing unit to another worldwide system of computer network.

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