What industry is working best now for revenue? Is the internet just too saturated?


I always thought gambling and adult made the most money online, I did gambling for years, but never did adult.

I think both are going downhill, too much competition plus laws for gambling.

What do you think is the best industry to get into now to generate revenue?

As we have seen just from google alone, ad prices have really gone down…
I have been working online well over a decade and the money has really been at the lowest point for me now.

Is any industry doing well or is the internet in general just too saturated?

If you have money and you really want to invest and want to earn money then go to Stock market which is the only market that will give you huge money on your investmeny but you must have specialized konw how about Stock market trading. Internet oline jobs gives you money but not to a great extent. Stock market trading will give you huge money but there is a lot of risk. Now its up to you what will be your next step?

Apart from a little work on arbitrage scanners I mostly avoided the whole gambling thing and like you said the web has pretty much reached the limit with Adult sites catering for every niche of fantasy or fetish. As for Web Designers… if you pick any town in the northern hemisphere and throw a rock you’ll probably hit one! they are everywhere and all desperately trying to get clients. It’s very much a case of saturation as opposed to competition, for a example take a look at online Chess game websites there are dozens out there but only a couple of them are any good.

Trying to predict the “Next Big Thing” on the Internet is of course like trying to stack soap bubbles. Users are becoming more technically savvy especially where privacy is concerned with a continuing rise in the use of Ad blocking browser extensions but perhaps more interestingly is the increasing appearance of private members only forums & chat rooms that require subscription and are quite happy to stay off the Google radar.

Adult has been declining for years largely due to the proliferation of Youtube-like free streaming sites and also copyright infringement. Why pay $20 or $30 for your dirty videos when you can just watch some on the free tube sites? And honestly, there are so many adult sites on the internet and each of them are full of so much content no person could ever watch all of it.

I was listening to a radio program a few years ago and they credited Viagra for helping porn become such a successful business model on the internet. Viagra came along just as the internet was gaining a foothold in American homes. Interesting, isn’t it?