What I should look for in a video creator (person not software)

I’m searching around for a really good video creator (person not software) & I know there’s a lot of wannabees out there.

What should I look for in skillset when screening besides what I like in their portfolio?



There’s a ton of different screen resolutions and compressions that get thrown around for video. If your source material is done in HD then you won’t have a problem as the resolution won’t need to go UP. You can take that and show it on everything from the latest HDTV to movie screens, or you can en-smallerise it and put it on the web.

Some industry standard software is AVID or Final Cut Pro but that isn’t to say great results can’t be had with lesser software. iMovie has been capable of producing great results for years and comes free with a mac purchase.

If it is a single minute promo and you don’t know too much, I’d let your thousands of hours of TV/Movie watching be your guide. If nothing rings alarm bells for you, it isn’t going to be scrutinised heavily by your clients unless you are in the business of producing videos and they’re expecting more.

As for formats etc, if the source material is good and once it is edited, any decent video program worth its sale price will spit out something useful. You can usually spit out multiple versions effortlessly once you know who will be using it and what they require.

Thank you for this, but I meant more like what makes a video better quality than the other & how would I know if that’s there other than the obvious of color coordination, timing, clarity of images, sharpness of the text, etc?

What kind of software is usually used by wannabees vs. people who know what they are doing, but they aren’t die hard professionals that charge a ton.

What format should it be in, how can I tell if it’s compressed, etc.

You do understand I’m just talking about getting a 1 minute biz promotion video done, right?

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I would ask any of them about the collaboration process and to give examples of how this has worked. My experience has been that many directors or wannabes have very strong ideas of how they want things to go - which is fine if you trust them. But make sure that if you have a strong idea too that your opinion isn’t going to be drowned out. Ultimately there’s nothing wrong with a professional using their skills to help you out, but many of the wannabes will ride rough over yours without being constructive. Someone who loves the craft will see the project as a creative process that they are a part of, not in charge of.

I’d also ask to see as many projects as they can supply you with as lots of wannabes will either have very few examples, or the more you see the more likely their weaker projects will rise to the surface. I’ve been involved in creating many indie-type films that don’t have big budgets, but their quality remains regardless.

Hope that helps.

So I should ask if they produce it in HD. That will tell me if they know what they are doing.

k, t/y :slight_smile:

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