What happened to my avatar?

I just noticed that my avatar is missing. First I thought it might be my browser (I’m not working at my own computer right now), but I see all others. So I guess something went wrong. Do I have to upload it again?

Guido’s and Scallio’s dont’ show if I use IE (although I use an old version that I have installed for testing purposes, version 6). So I guess it is the bpp what’s causing the problem.

I can see all avatars when I use Opera, FF, Chrome or Safari

If it’s only png images that are the ones having problems

guido2004 - 32 bpp
SpacePhoenix - 24 bpp
ScallioXTX - 32 bpp

Is SpacePhoenix’s avatar always showing for everyone? I can’t help, eveyone’s always show for me when using Firefox or Opera.

Maybe it does have to do with the mime type… I use FF and I can see them perfectly.

hmmm Windows 7 with IE8 and Guido and Remon’s dont show…

Scallio, Guido, Rudy, what OS versions are you using?

Views fine for me in ie8 (Vista). Rudy and Guido, have you both tried clearing your browser cache?

Cool, it shows fine in FF, but not in IE :slight_smile:
And indeed, Scallio’s avatar doesn’t show in IE either… might be the CMKY thing as Scallio says… I’ll check that tomorrow.

OS version? Hmm, I’m not sure, but I think this machine is running Vista :smiley:

actually, i’ve been seeing the same result for guido’s avatar for ages (he and i are often in the same threads), and i always assumed that ~was~ his actual avatar, rather than the alt text

can anyone see it who’s using IE8?

yup, I can see it too!

Looks fine to me. (You mean the blue and orange circles?)

It’s probably down to the “sitepointstatic” server running a bit slow for whatever reason

I can see you avatar using FF it appears alright from here.

I’m pretty sure that if you saved it in CMYK mode it will not show. It happened to me :slight_smile:

dude, your avatar is missing too


what good would clearing the cache do, if it never got into the cache in the first place? :wink:

yes, i delete my temporary files regularly (one of my many routine tasks needed because i’m a shudder windows user)

his avatar has been gone a lot longer than my last cache clearing

It was RGB, so that shouldn’t be the problem.
I transformed my avatar into a gif, and now it seems to show up ok in IE too.

win7 here
Doesn’t show in IE8 and IE6/7/8 through IETester
it does show in IE9 platform preview, opera 10, chrome 5, safari 5 and ff 3.6.8

Something tells me it has something to do with CMKY vs RGB, seeing as IE doesn’t like CMKY but all the other browsers don’t have a problem with it …

I’ve noticed that avatars don’t display sometimes, I put it down to timeouts…

hmmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

Any correlation to mime type?

guido2004 png
ralph.m jpeg
spikeZ gif
r937 jpeg
RickUK jpeg
bluedreamer jpeg
SpacePhoenix png
ScallioXTX png
molona gif