What do you want to learn in 2016?

What are your goals for 2016? What do you want to learn?

Mine are:

  • get stuck in to ECMAScript 2016 (aka ES7)
  • find time to look at Arduino
  • work smarter (freeing up more time for side projects)

Working smarter is proving interesting and difficult at the same time. The main problem here is having the discipline to only check mail at certain times and to stay off of Slack, Twitter etc

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I have been playing withy Arduino since last year and have created a few projects with it. I am currently making a controller for some sliding wardrobe doors using hall effect switches.
I should add I have been doing this on and off and so am not an expert!

This year ( like last year ) I want to improve my photography by visiting different areas of the country.


I found the Arduino programing software not very user friendly and found this at Christmas: https://codebender.cc/

It has better error reporting and you can move code around by dragging and dropping unlike the Arduino software and it also has a lot of libraries built in. It also has a lot of programs you can view.

Only possible drawback is if you want to keep your program to yourself you have to pay.

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For this year (and probably the one beyond that):

  • Lots more JavaScript (you’d never have guessed)
  • I’d also like to learn how to connect front-end and back-end. Whilst I feel reasonably comfortable with HTML & CSS, passing data back and forth is something that I’ve yet to tackle
  • And probably something on design; right now, I can code some perfectly validated pages that are ugly as sin

My list keeps growing, but this year I want to focus on these three things:

  1. JavaScript beyond the basics. I want to be able to more than adding little scripts here and there, or modifying someone else’s script
  2. CSS beyond the basics. I want to become more comfortable with the newer layout techniques and responsive web design
  3. Laravel 5. I want to get to the level where I can build a large application with this framework. I am currently building one in CodeIgniter 3, but once I’m finished I want to go back to learning Laravel.

My dream is to find someone who will pay me to do nothing but learn all sorts of neat stuff. :smiley:



What are your goals for 2016? What do you want to learn?

To produce a complete web-site using Golang because the compiled language is far more efficient, leaner and should be a lot quicker at rendering pages. Fast loading pages are ideal for the increasing mobile market.

Working smarter is proving interesting and difficult at the same time. The main problem here is having the discipline to only check mail at certain times and to stay off of Slack, Twitter etc

I prefer not having any notifications and to run email, Slack, Facebook, etc in a separate browser. When I want a coding break the other browser is opened and closed again fbefore returning to coding. Multitasking is a not productive :frowning:

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^^ this…

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I think of multitasking as someone trying to put a positive spin on not paying something your full attention.


I’d be more interested in using something like Johnny-Five. As you might guess, it’s JS-based, but there seem to be a lot of possibilities of what you can do with it — the website has loads of examples. Use-case-wise, I’d be really interested in automating my home (as you seem to be doing). What language have you been using so far? The Arduino IDE supports the C and C++, right?

I think JS is something that a lot of people are looking at tackling. Out of interest, what kind of subjects would you be interested in reading about? Is there anything in this vein that we could be covering on the JS channel?

I’m currently using virtual desktops — one for work, another for non work-related email/surfing. I’ve switched off all the notifications I could (e.g. I only get email when I press “Get new messages”), but I’m still finding things overlap. My next idea is to make various profiles for fr various things (e.g. an email profile for work and one for social). It’s tough, though.

Any thoughts on which server-side language to go with?

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html/css - i think it’s a valuable asset to have.

Essential, more like : )


JavaScript basically, though I recognise that’s no small challenge. I’ve got a book sitting next to me called ‘JavaScript Programming: Pushing the Limits’ by Jon Raasch. It’s focused around development using Backbone, Underscore, Node, the Express framework, MongoDB, and bunch of other bits and bobs. I’ve not read far into the code side of things, but I found Jon’s writing style and the initial chapters very approachable. I’m a fair way off actually getting serious with it, but it looks promising. One thing I did note was a not a single mention of React in it, even though it was only published in 2013.

I think JS is a good choice if you’re doing it locally (e.g. just get your head around how it works), but if you want to set up a remote server running Node and Mongo, that is not as straight forward as something like PHP and MySQL which come pre-installed on most hosting packets.

Also a book written in 2013 will be somewhat out of date by now and could potentially lead to a lot of frustration as the examples don’t correspond to the current version of things.

When you say “connect front-end and back-end” how do you mean? Something like sending an Ajax request from one to the other and getting a response? Or more like realtime communication?

Well I have my Ubuntu server running nearby, and that has some things installed on it it, including Node and NPM already. Apache, PHP and MySQL are also available on there.

I can also run those locally too, or on another Ubuntu install sitting inside a Hyper-V instance.

That’s very much understood. It was something I picked up on a bit of a whim, so I’ll have a look at it and see whether it takes me somewhere useful. It certainly won’t take me anywhere near some of the changes brought about in ES6 for example, but it should get me a better idea on how MVC, NoSQL, templates and so on hang together.

Essentially, creating applications that have a back-end data store, a browser-based client presentation, and a means of transiting data securely between the two. In a sense, it doesn’t matter whether that is a todo, a simple blog, or the bare bones of a shopping cart. I’m trying to grasp principles and structures as much as anything right now.

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I guess I need additional knowledge when it comes to social media. However, I wouldn’t mind learning about other things such as graphic design, creation of videos and such. Once you go internet, you can’t go back.

I have books on JavaScript, but reading up on a subject doesn’t stick with me in the end. I really love project-based books and tutorials, but I also need to find a use for what I am learning in something I am working on. That is why I have let my JavaScript skills slip so badly. Most of my freelance jobs over the past few years have involved building small to medium sites (usually my own custom themes powered by WordPress), and PHP/mySQL-based applications.

Occasionally I get the need to use JavaScript (most recently to build a five-star rating system for an application I had made for a client, and often accordian type features). It’s hard to expand your knowledge if you don’t find an immediate use for it.

I’m in a rut and want to get out of it.


Very true. I have much the same problem, perhaps more so because back in the real-world, I don’t code anything for a living.

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I use the standard Arduino code and I am told it is based on C. You can run C directly on the Arduino but I am having enough problems with the Arduino code!

@chrisofarabia, @Webmachinepost

Since you both have websites, maybe try using the existing data and redesigning the site using a different platform, language, framework, css, library, etc

A long time ago I learnt Basic and after some time felt as though coding was like “turning the handle”. I joined a C++ Computer Class and after my first “Hello World” the interest was restored. The enthusiasm continued with Clipper, Delphi but after learning PHP once again felt like “turning…”.

Golang is once again a breath of fresh air. The compiler is quick and unforgiving, reminds me of some females :wink: and refuses to compile if any libraries or even variables are declared and not used!

Modern web-browsers are remarkably forgiving and are magnificent at interpreting sloppy scripts that take an extrordianary amount of time to render. My dream is to have a Golang Browser that discards all CSS, JavaScripts, remarks, scripts etc that are declared and not used!

[rant over]


I want to improve my marketing skills and start my own agency.