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We want to know how we can better serve you guys - our community.

If you have feedback for us, take 5 minutes to fill out our SitePoint Reader Survey 2010

Aside from getting the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping us to better ourselves, every respondent goes into the draw to win an iPad.

Note: you only have until November 12th, which isn't long...



That was a quick one.


How about increasing the width of code blocks :bouncy3: smile


I voted, we need a dedicated JQuery sub-forum smile
I really dont like the forums JQuery site uses its all flash or ajax or something, too much of a good thing ;(


Entered. Hope I win!


I did!!


done! apart from the questionnaire here is some tips:

  1. Most people have high resolution and because of this the text goes from one end to another, which is hard to read.

  2. Instant Messaging, so I can instant message people on here.

  3. Have a facebook group of people on here, just in-case you guys decide to go bust. So we can all keep in-touch in case such an event happens.


The only issue I have is with the survey itself:

Yes, the SPF code blocks have been increased as they screw with the table cell widths if you have a narrow browser window.


Like this, you mean?
Or this? wink


Yep, like that :x


I say free ice-cream. What do y'all say?


I did this one. Wasn't that bad at all not to long would tell everyone else to try it out.


How about you hire a .NET writer?


Yeah, while you're at it get a Perl writer too. See if you can get Matt Trout to show some neat stuff with Catalyst or something, or Tatsuhiko Miyagawa to show what Plack can do.

Or get Zed Shaw to rant about CSS for the lawlz.


*edit darn, only after finishing the survey did I forget to mention I'd like articles on Node.js. It is teh hawtz!


5mins Not a long time, i will try.



Thanks for such a wonderful post as you are truly wanting to work for the interest of the readers. That is a good thought, good luck with your search.


I have done survey. I have some suggestions. Kindly increase the number of topics in your forum.They seems less in number.
Secondly in FAQ, it us not mentioned that when we will be able to apply signature?
Rest of everything is fine in this forum smile


Under FAQ:

SitePoint's Community Guidelines
These guidelines tell you about some of the rules and guidelines that apply to these forums.
* Your account and profile
* Posting and etiquette
* Critiques, reviews, and advertising your services
* Problem posts
* Messaging

Click on "Your account and profile"

Your account and profile
Important things to remember about your SitePoint Forums account. (For general help on how to use the forum's features, check the Board FAQ.)

* One person, one account
* Avatars
* Signatures
* Custom user titles
* Changing your username
* Leaving the forums/Closing your account

Click on "Signatures"


John, from our FAQ's:


Spikez: that doesn't appear if you click FAQ in the menu bar. You have to navigate to it via Your Account and Profile and then Signatures.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who, when looking for something and finds a wall of text, does /searchterm or ctrl+f searchterm. Do that for signatures on the main FAQ page and it doesn't come up.