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there is one for the improvement list then!!!


Completed the survey.

What more thing I couldn't say in it: forums are good. But I feel some "Tree House Software Clubs" are also in order.

There are two main activities: posting for wanting help or posting for wanting comments - debates. I think these two should be separated.


Hm though often good debates come from what start as questions.

Though on the other hand, if there was just Q&A sections, SitePoint could implement that points/voting/StackOverflow system thing that lots of people have asked for earlier.


One thing I'd suggest... on the Products section of the website, add Romania to the shipping countries list too. I can't see it there.


Hey there,
Unfortunately there are some countries that we can't ship to, usually because we have issues with the postal system being unreliable (although I can't say for sure that that is the case with Romania). That list is currently under review though, so with any luck you might see Romania back on there in the future.

In the mean time, if you have a PayPal account then you can purchase digital books from us. We will also make exceptions to shipping on the understanding that you accept that we won't reship at our expense should an order go missing.

You can discuss this in more detail with our customer service team by emailing books@sitepoint.com


Its good, i have voted, let see. smiley


What is code block.......... please tell me any one... i am vary confuse for this information is use or not....



You can post code inside [code] tags, and it makes a box.  
This box used to be not very wide even though many people have ginormous browsers.  
The box itself only appears visually in graphical browsers, so you can't see it in Lynx, but it will 
        indentation so that's why we use them.


I don't know what site point could do to make it better, send me some free food ! Give feed me all the knowledge I want in my sleep so I wake up more smarter then I am.