What are you doing for New Years?!

My parents are taking my 3 boys and my wife and I are going out for a fancy dinner on the beach. We will get it to go though. Instead we will just get loaded and head home to enjoy time alone. Dinner will be for later when the ball drops. Figure of speech because we are in Cali there is no ball in the Vegas broadcast.

When I was younger, much younger, my best friend and I would go to the Vegas strip for New Years, wear tight black pants, no shirt, only suspenders and a bow-ties, with glitter head to toe, in 30 degree weather. We stayed warm though. That was fun.

Not much plans will enjoy the day at home relaxing with my family

We will throw a party at someone’s place, get drunk and than go to some club for a nice afterparty dance. And than I hope a new day will start and we’ll forget all that stupid stuff we did the night before.

I doesn’t make any plan. I will enjoy the day at my home relaxing with my family. Because It is very cold.

I don’t have a plan but i have one new years resolution it is about switching using e-cigaretten that i bought in sweden.

planing for whole year what to do ? what mistake i has done last year should not repeat those one in this year .

just at home…

No celebrations for this year much :frowning:

Yes That was Superb with New Year celebration to spent time with family in JW Marriott Hotel .

i enjoy it this new years i spent my time in the whole daY of my family and my relatives.

I enjoyed spending some time with my family & moved out with my friends.

i really inspire from your thoughts guys; Great!!!

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