Wget download FTP files but image 0 kb

i want to usewget download all the files from server A(file directory is /file A…can’t be compress those files) to another server B.

server A file directory is

/file A
 file B/file c
 file D

i used the following command:

wget -r -l 20 --ftp-user=user --ftp-password=psd ftp://ip/*

there is a folder named content/upload/2014/1/some images. the images in this folder can download but all are not open. why? it’s all 0kb. other images from other folders are ok.

If this isn’t your own server, some sites have blocks in place to prevent automated downloading.

If this is your own server, use an FTP/SFTP client to download files from your web server.

It’s my server. if using an FTP/SFTP client to download files from server A then upload all the files to server B . it’s too slowly

You might be better using rsync rather than wget