FTP script - copy from server to server

Does anyone know of good, reliable script that can copy files and folders between two hosts, without downloading them to my PC first?

It would be ideal to upload that script on one server, and then type in ftp data from 2 servers, choose which files to copy and click copy.

I tried to use php web commander, which looked promising, but after I’ve installed it, I can’t log in. There is no support, documentation… nothing.

Does anyone know of any other script or even Windows program that can do copy server to server without downloading to PC?

If you have ssh login, it’s easier to compress the whole folder, transfer the compressed file, then decompress it. You can ask your hosting vendor for that too

If I had, I wouldn’t bother you. Geez, why do smart people always think that others are sutpid?

Please do not get offended… I think maybe better would be contact web hosting provider and ask them what they can do for you?

Sorry, I overreacted. Provider will copy files but at their leisure. So I just thought that for smaller transfers php or perl script would be ideal, because if I wait for provider it takes too long and if I download and upload it again it takes too long.

You can do a simple

wget -m  ftp://username:pass@oldhost:/path ./

That would recursively mirror the data. We just did this for one our clients.


I wrote a PHP script to move a series of HUGE (28mb) mp3 files from one server to another. I’m sure that, because I was looking at specific file name formats, my script would be inefficient but the data FLEW from one to the other! If you ask in the PHP forum, I’m sure you’d be inundated with excellent scripts/classes to do this for you.



Copying from server to server should be easy through an lxadmin server management system I believe.


cPanel (WHM, actually) has exactly the feature you’re talking about - provided both hosts are using cPanel. All you need is your login for both server’s cPanels (the new one does the transfer using the old one’s login).



Hi papaja,

You can try a Web FTP like net2ftp, or my own web ftp here www.bossftp.com

I will suggest you to go with scp option if you have SSH access.

When you change server for your sites. If it is a download or movies site. It spend a lot of time to move files from old server to new server.
I have found a great script that helps transfering directly files from old server to new server and very quick because the speed of traffic between 2 servers is fast.
It is very fast and can move multi files: dlvn.net/web-development/move-files-from-server-to-server/