Weird Safari Issue

I have a page which has a few boxes, the user clicks on a box and it takes them to the next step. Right now this works on Chrome but not in Safari, if I hover my cursor over the box it doesn’t turn into a hand but I can highlight the text in the box, very weird. What could this be?

Are you asking us to post a list of all of the possible reasons this might happen?

You might have to wait awhile.

Or you could post a link to your site, or a minimal working page that demonstrates the problem and accompany it with some more information about browsers and versions. That might spur a more productive response than this.

Please have a look.

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But there is nothing to look at. Can you please post a link to your site?

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@888monex, you will have to actually post a link to your site for us to have a look at it.

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