Safari CSS bug seems completely random


I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this problem on the left of the screen in Safari. One section sort of being duplicated and made into three sort of sections.

I cant work out what it is as it is only happening in safari not ie firefox etc. The most confusing thing is that sometimes when you go to the page the problem is there other times it is not. Also the problem does not seem to be occuring on the other pages which are basically the same.

See the attached image file for a look at what I mean. (the problem seems to only be occuring on the artist page).

Any help would be much appreciated


I don’t have safari i’m afraid so this suggestion may have nothing to do with your problem but you should add height and width attributes to your images in the html. Browsers use these to allocate space for the images while the page is loading. If they are not present then the image may get drawn over existing content. Once the page is loaded and refreshed then the images are already cached and the page displays correctly which is why it doesn’t always happen.

This quite often happens in firefox so maybe safari is similar :slight_smile: And the again it may be nothing to do with it :wink:

Hi Mate,

That seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks alot. I knew that it waas better to do that but because the pages are database drive the images are dynamic I hadnt bothered to do it. I went through the website and made the changes to include that and now I am unable to get the problem. It appears though that safari was the only browser for me with that problem because it wouldnt occur in opera ie or firefox.

So thanks alot for your help as it was driving me mad.

Hi, for one thing, start your own thread instead of hi-jacking someone elses.

  1. We need a site to see the code at, or at teh very least, full HTML and CSS so we can replicate the problem (though site would be best so we can see hte images)


I’ m suffering with same problem! But i’ m defining images width and height in css file as background images.

This raises only Safari. I tried to add css inside of the page also rather than having css separate files! Seems it’s helpless.

I’ m using jquery tabs also! but i’ m thinking this happen, because of css rendering issue in Safari when in post backs.

Your help is really appreciated!


But i’ m defining images width and height in css file as background images.

You should still ensure that images have width and height attributes in the html as defining it in the css doesn’t help the browser as it looks at the image attributes to decide how much space to be allocated while it fetches the image.