Weird issue with an image in IE8

Hi Guys,

I have a live website and a test website with the same layout built on joomla. I found an issue where on a right sidebar layout,music-concerts,101,1010001 in IE8 logo and ads disappear but on test version of the website,music-concerts,101,1010001 the logo is ok and only ads from right sidebar have gone.

I checked as best as I could and the code seems to be the same. On the homepage layout it looks good in both cases though.

Live website screenshot

Test website screenshot

If anybody can help me with it would be very grateful.


Hi Yarik,
Some of the css files are minified in the and not in the other one.

So there must be differences - forgive me I don’t see where. :wink:

What’s happening if you link the uncompressed dynalias file to IE8?