Need help with image map bug in IE8 please

I have built the website

There is a problem with the 3 companies on the right beside the logo - whenever the site is viewed in IE8 they do not show up.

What can I do to fix this?

I have found a short term workaround

my head is fried

Glad you sorted it but remember to tell us what the solution was in case someone has a similar problem - even if it was just a typo :slight_smile:


Basically I had three logos floated in a div to the right.

As the site has been built with responsive media queries; I wanted to use one image containing 3 logos, with image maps.

I used these so when the site was resized on a small screen they resized in line, proportionally.*

They didn’t show up at all in IE8, so I reverted to floating the images right with a margin to push them down.*

On a small screen I set the div to display none to get rid of stacking problems.*

Thanks :slight_smile: (That will also remind you what you did should you have problems down the line)