Websites and programs snapshots

Hi ! For some time I still can’t figure it out how on some web design blogs people put a lot of websites, programs and other copyrighted stuff snapshots… I read on the Web that creating the photo for a copyrighted photo is somehow illegal as the owner of the copyright still must be consulted about how to use the photo of its work, or at least this is what I understood. But there are a mind blowing numbers of reviews or tutorials about how to use or create stuff using copyrighted software and they use numberless snapshots of that programs or even snapshots for websites when they present different websites designs… I want to create tutorials or make snapshots of websites too, but I am afraid this stuff might be illegal. Can you help me with some explanations?

If you are referring to genuine reviews, then it is not illegal to post photos or other images, provided they are essential for the purpose of the review, and provided also that what you are posting forms only a small part of the work that you are copying from. This is covered by a provision known as “fair use” or “fair dealing”. The details vary from one jurisdication to another, but in general you should have no problem in the case you’ve described.


Hi lulian, I’ll add that if what you are really attempting to do is insert a snapshot of a website or a product interface into your article, you need not necessarily copy these screen captures from elsewhere if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. You can easily capture your own original screen captures via the Print Screen key, or an application like Snipping Tool (available in Windows OS), whereby you select the area to capture on your screen, and voila. You can then edit and save the capture as an image for inclusion in your article.

If you are using any copyright content or image in your article then you can mention the link of that website of photo from where you got that.

If you are using copyrighted material, simply acknowledging or linking to the source is not sufficient. As @Mikl has explained above, there is provision for “fair use” or “fair dealing”, but apart from that, you may only use copyrighted material with express permission of the copyright holder.

This article goes into more detail regarding “fair use” & what it means for those of us working under these circumstances. Taking our own photographs or snipping our own images is the safest route, but we all realize that this is sometimes impractical. Hopefully this will help you to be able to clear up what is legal & what isn’t. Good luck!

I believe if you want to use copyrighted material like snapshots etc then to make your self completely satisfied you must consult the person/owner of copyrighted material first before using it your self. Using copyrighted material means you are using other people products and same way if you have your own copy righted stuff you would like to expect other to consult you first before using yours and I think it’s fair use :slight_smile: