A little help with copyright

So say for instance I was planing on building a gaming Blog / review site, would I need to go to the publisher of every single games company to get permission to post still images of the game on the site ? as in the end this could become extremely time consuming.

Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

It is always good to ask a specialized lawyer regarding these things. If the pictures are official, promotional pictures, you may. It may also be possible to use them as long as you credit their origin.

If you’re taking screenshots from your computer, well, you still need to specify the origin but this is a different case and I would assume that no, you don’t need to.

No, you don’t need to get explicit permission. Reviewing the game and its content falls under the “Commentary and Criticism” area of fair use.

Note that this will not actually stop companies from sending DMCA take-down requests, as much of that process is automated these days, so it’s possible that you may receive these notices on occasion.