Website traffic down by 83% in 4 days!

I just checked the stats of my domain in Google analytics, and here are the stats with respect to number of visits:

April 26: 365 (which has been average for a while)
April 27: 147
April 28: 91
April 29: 75
April 30: 60

Any idea what would cause such a huge hit in traffic? It’s a Wordpress blog.

82.7% of it comes from Google (organic). The drop was caused by Google. Would my organic listings really go down that fast in 4 days? The site has been up for years, and it has never experienced this kind of drop in traffic.

Was wondering what some of the reasons might be for such a drastic drop in traffic from Google for a Wordpress blog.


Well, you don’t say what your website’s target audience is.

I have a website that targets the UK. It suffered an approximate 30% drop in traffic over a similar period. It was to be expected. It was a Bank Holiday weekend, the weather was great and there was the Royal Wedding. I guess people were otherwise occupied and not really concerned with the Internet over those days.

My website’s traffic has since returned to normal.

Of course, your target audience may have been different.

If your blog has duplicate content it may get a drop in SERP and which may lead to drop in traffic.

Where do your keywords stand?
Counter check your content on the blog. Why don’t you wait for another week?

dont worry dude just stay calm because normally it often happens but your traffic will be back soon :slight_smile:

Traffic figures can be very variable, it is worth thinking about your niche and whether there may be periods when it is more or less popular.

Could be that a bunch of your backlinks when offline.

Hmmm… Actually, your website traffic may vary! It doesn’t stay on high figures. That’s why, it is very important to analyze your website on what are the things that needs to be improved in order to maintain high website traffic. Check out this site that can help you diagnose the cause of loss of traffic from search engines… Why blog is losing traffic : steps to diagnose decrease in visitor count | Windows 7, Wordpress,Tips, Tricks, SEO, Computer, Tutorials, Software Downloads, Themes, Wallpapers. It’s been very useful to me and I hope it can help you too.

Hmm. Not sure really as there are other factors as well.

Best thing to do right now is wait.

Did you do any off/on page SEO during the recent downfall?

Did you make any changes or add new content?

Could be Panda/Farmer update…

Sometimes it drops for no reason and after few days it will be back in position and sometimes not in case Google has added a new filter that has resulted in some kind of penalty for your website.

There are many reasons for this.Wait for some time and analyze statistics once again.If it downs then Google may drop your ranking.I think you should go for both onpage and off page optimization techniques for optimizing your site.

My website was doing fine until a few days ago. Here are the stats:

June 11: 1140 visits
June 12: 1236
June 13: 1393
June 14: 1373
June 15: 463
June 16: 323
June 17: 269

I checked and my Google links are still going up (430,000 hits). So if I appear in Google searches, why the sudden drop on visits? 85% of my visits are organic and went from 1172 in June 14 to 392 in June 15. A dramatic drop in just one day! Nothing was changed on the website.


Have you looked at your terms report to see if the drop was across the board or just a few major terms?

What do you mean by “my Google links are still going up”? Where is your site appearing in typical searches - has it held position or has it dropped? Is the snippet/description still looking as you would expect it to?

when you do a search in Google it shows how many links are ranked. I have the same amount of links (430k) but visitors dropped in just one day. When you do a search for the words that are ranked you can still find my website, but visitors are not showing up like they used to just a few days ago.

Again, it’s time to dig deeper… You could have 2 million pages indexed and get 10 visitors or have 10 pages indexed and get 2 million.

Are you seeing a drop across your terms or just to a few high volume ones? It makes a dramatic difference in the potential implications of a near-overnight change,…

Over time I have seen many cycles, in my traffic. Sometimes it drops away fopr 2 months then comes back strong.

Follow the advice above, do your checks make sure your happy with everything and then WAIT.

Use the time to make some more unique content and add value to your site.

Don’t stress!


No major source for more organic traffic. Site went from 478 on May 1 to 1,373 on June 14 and then a drop to 463 on june 15 to 260 on June 18.

No changes made on website and same google hits (